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The Finches are an emerging American folk pop band from San Francisco, California. Their music gracefully rides the line between folk and pop and singer-songwriter Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs brings to mind such unclassifiable wonders as Vashti Bunyan, the Marine Girls, and Mirah. The Finches musical storytelling has attracted fans both near and far. Riggs, together with Aaron Morgan (Roots of Orchis) released The Finches' debut album Human Like a House on January 30, 2007. In February 2008, Aaron Morgan moved on to Eyes, and The Finches went by the name PALMS for a short time. The name The Finches was then re-instated, with John Garmon (drums) and Gerry Saucedo (bass) joining the lineup. They are currently still a trio, replacing Garmon with Cam Jones on drums, Gerry Saucedo still on bass, and both performing dynamic backup vocals to Carolyn's alluring yet earthy melodies.

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